RIU’s management and structure

Responding to the recommendations made by the mid-term and technical reviews, from September 2009 RIU adopted a lean, decentralised and focused organisational structure, consisting of:

  • Directorate Ian Maudlin as programme director and Andy Frost as deputy director, who together provide overall leadership and strategic guidance, and report directly to DFID.
  • Central Research Team The appointment of the LINK programme of the United Nations University Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology UNU-MERIT to act as RIU’s Central Research Team (CRT) with overall responsibility for designing and implementing its research. The CRT is headed by Andy Hall; research in Africa is coordinated by Jeroen Dijkman and that in Asia by Rasheed Sulaiman V. Research Fellows are currently being recruited by RIU to undertake documentation and analysis of the learning. This is seen as part of RIU’s commitment to building sustainable capacity in country.
  • Africa and Asia hosts for learning programme The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) based in Nairobi, Kenya will host the learning programme for the African country programmes, and the Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) based in Hyderabad, India, for the South Asia projects.
  • RIU’s Programmes The Africa Country Programmes: in the east, Rwanda and Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia in the south, and in the west Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and the Asia Innovation Challenge Fund will have delegated authority for their operations.
  • Impact assessment This will draw on RIU’s programmes and feeds into the learning activities of the CRT and will be carried out by an independent external body.
  • Communication team Internal and external communications are being coordinated by a team led by Keith Sones (Keith Sones Associates).
  • Advisors and consultants When required, carefully selected advisors and consultants have been and will continue to be recruited to complement and extend RIU’s in-house expertise, skills, knowledge, contacts and experience.

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